Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Technology of Choice - Creating Comics for Education

 Creating comic strips through online programs are a great way to depict educational topics, news events or historical characters, really anything that you want to tell a story about.  You could also use it show timelines, depict historical events and do character or plot analysis, all in a comic strip format.  This is a great tool for teachers and students because it engages the students and allows them to use their own creativity, works on their writing skills and hones their navigational ability through an online source/program.

 Image used from mashabel.com

Teachers can easily instruct students on the layout and how to drag and drop, characters, add text and make creative changes. This type of tool not only is a way o share educational topics but can also be used to help kids understand situations such as bullying and how it can be handled properly.  It brings students together in a collaborative effort all while making it fun and engaging.  The best place to find information on these types of programs is at: create-your-own-comics, which is a site that gives you 6 different locations that give you the ability to make comics for free.

Note:  There is a sliding scale on how easy some of these programs are and picking the right one for the grade level you are teaching will be up to your own personal assessment of the students.

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