Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Checking the credibility of websites

When searching the Internet there are a variety of areas to look at while determining if the information you are reading is coming from a credible source. First, you can do an advanced search through the search engine you are using by adding certain words, specifying a .net, .org or .edu and even search for exact wording.  Once at the site, you can look through the about us feature and get more information on who and what they are all about.  Once you begin reading through the website, are there multiple opinions or is this a one side view.  I would also look for affiliations with other companies or organizations that would give it credibility.  In addition, I would want to know who was involved with this site and was I able to find out any information about them or who funded their research.  Lastly, I would look to see what type of resources, if any, they would label and if there were links to that research or other government findings. If there are not any accredited links it could be possible this is just one persons view and if so what is their agenda? Always look at what you reading and think about where it is coming from!

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