Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reading Redefined for a Transmedia Universe

The idea that in today's digital world there is little need to actually carry books anymore is not only interesting to think about but becoming the norm.  What is considered reading? Does it only involve the written word or does it more encompass additional stimuli such as graphics, interactive displays, audio or motion.  It also makes us re-define what is considered a book.  We know that today books are displayed through digital means but what about additional artifacts.  Does it even need to have pages, be linear or kaotic?  Just a few differing thoughts brought up in this article by Anette Lamb.   A book now is considered to be a published collection of related pages or screens.  It's interesting to see how reading through an e-book could be so appealing today.  It gives readers control over the way it is presented, changing font size and text, background color or even the entire layout.  Within the "book" itself you can hear audio having words pronounced aloud,  glossary of terms or even hyperlinks to other texts, images or video is useful for all ages but has even more of an impact on English Language learners.

Having a multitude of resources to choose from when it comes to educating our children seems to have no limits in the digital age.  Through the use of e-books, interactive video lessons or assisted programs using different Technology tools, kids have more resources than ever before.  The trick is to make sure that with all these bells and whistles that kids don't get distracted and off topic and actually take away from their learning experience rather that contribute to it.  I think whatever the media, any way to get kids excited about reading or learning would be considered a good thing.  Since not all children have the same resources we need to be cognisant of that fact and be sensitive to the individual needs of each child.

As Lamb talks about, as kids catch up with the possibilities of what the digital age can do for them with regards to reading ad learning, teachers will be exploring ways to use the same technology to inspire their desire to learn.  Within the ability to get and read books online teachers and students alike need to take great care in knowing where the information is coming from.  In doing so meeting NETS-S standard number 5 engaging in professional growth and leadership.

Lamb, Anette (November 2011).  Copyright: Reading Redefined for a Transmedia Universe. Learning and Leading with Technology, 39 13-15.

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